Community Plans

In 2007-2008, Sue Taylor was appointed to the Ad Hoc Committee to fix the El Dorado County permit process.  After months it became apparent that the purpose of this committee was to begin the process to overhaul the General Plan.  When it came time to report to the supervisors, Sue Taylor disagreed with the findings of the rest of the committee and put together her own recommendation.
Sue's permit process recommendations 2009
Recommendations to improve permit process by Sue Taylor. Click for full document.

Eight years later, Sue is still asking for the County to fine tune their Design Standards:

Dave Defanti clarified the difference between architectural design standards versus development standards to Supervisor Sue Novasel:  

Several communities started on their own path to creating Community Plans because the County was not moving forward.  In 2013, the County decided that the public would have to go through a County process and developed the Community Planning Guide.  In the video below,  Supervisor Michael Ranalli  seems more concerned with creating processes than actually getting anything accomplished:  

Community Planning Guide Road Map
Community Planning Guide Road Map. Click on image for full Community Planning Guide document.


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