Experience History On The Rails

Placerville & Sacramento Valley Railroad
One of our goals here at Save Our County is to showcase unique events going on in El Dorado County, especially historic stuff. Unfortunately impending projects and developments are starting to encroach on our small towns and we’re loosing our Gold Rush identity. One recent example is the decision by the El Dorado County Board Of Supervisors to designate the El Dorado Trail from Shingle Springs to the Sacramento County line as a no rail segment of the trail.  The group in the video below was hoping to get an excursion train to connect from Folsom to El Dorado, but that’s not going to happen now… the tracks, some dating back to the late 1800’s, will come up and that’ll be the end to an era.

This group will be hosting another Skagit Motor Car and Speeder event on Easter Weekend April 23 -24, 2011 in Shingle Springs, CA
Contact-Eric Olds,

More video of the event from Airshotz

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