From A Participant – April 12 Placerville Redevelopment Protest

Many thanks to the 22 Patriots who joined us in Placerville yesterday to inform the public about Redevelopment. Passers-by were given handouts and some signed our letter of opposition which was presented later at the City Council meeting.

The Town Hall had a capacity crowd as citizens gathered to give public and written comment either for or against the proposed Redevelopment plan. While I didn’t take an official count, based on the speakers and the applause, 3/4 of the attendees were in opposition.  The speakers in favor were mostly from the downtown business association.
The opposition consisted of property owners who like the rural, historic flavor of Placerville and don’t want to see the city become “anywhere U.S.A”.  Others oppose the city’s power to unleash eminent domain in favor of a new development..  Others opposed tax revenues being diverted from community services to an unaccountable Redevelopment Agency.
It seems that the City Council is set on casting its vote to accommodate a handful of business owners who are unable or unwilling to  do business the American way…through Free Enterprise and putting their own capital at risk.  They are asking for taxpayers to subsidize them.  This really doesn’t encourage one to donate more by “shopping Local.”
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