Update April 5, 2023:

All funds collected will be used for legal council with a focus on requiring the County to implement Measure E (passed in 2016), which became part of the Transportation Element in the General Plan.  This requirement, to maintain certain traffic levels, was approved by the voters and confirmed by the court system.  While we take comfort in knowing Measure E requirements are law, we still have to ensure our county government adheres to the law with each proposed development.  This will require us to remain vigilant and actively challenge our Planning Department and Board of Supervisors with each new development.

Currently there are several project on the horizon where we are challenging the traffic level of service.  Recently in El Dorado Hills there is a project call “Frontier” which is a massive 4.8 million sq/ft. high industrial facility.  In Diamond Springs, we have the Dorado Oaks project with 382 high density houses in downtown historic Diamond Springs.  These are just a couple of the massive projects in the works.  There are many more listed in the “Issues by Area” pull down on the main menu.

Our country roads will be bumper to bumper if the proposed projects go through.

~Sue Taylor, Measure E Proponent

Here is a link to the original lawsuit:

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