Supervisor Novasel cuts off Chairperson Frentzen during public comment

Click here for video of Supervisor Novasel cutting off Chairperson Frentzen at the June 6, 2017 Board of Supervisors meeting:

On June 6, 2017 during agenda items #40 and #41 regarding spending Tribe funds, Supervisor Novasel cut off Chairperson Frentzen while she was asking a question during public comment.

Novasel insisted that the Board’s rules regarding the agenda prohibited Frentzen from asking a question during public comment. The rules (below), specifically state that the public cannot participate in deliberations AFTER public comment.

Is Novasel interpreting the rules correctly?

“Public comment will be received on each agenda item listed under Department Matters or Time Allocation as called by the Chair. There applicable, the principal party on each side of an issue is allocated 10 minutes to speak, individual comments are limited to 3 minutes, and individuals speaking for a group are allocated 5 minutes. (Adopted 8/10/93) Except with the consent of the Board, individuals shall be allowed to speak to an item only once. Upon completion of public comment the matter shall be returned to the Board for deliberation. Members of the public shall not be entitled to participate in that deliberation, or be present at the podium during such deliberation, except at the invitation of the Board for a point of clarification or question by the Board. The Board reserves the right to waive said rules by a majority vote.”

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