El Dorado Trail Priority Use Hearing

 UPDATE 3/28/11, 4PM


First Step to Remove Tracks From Shingle Springs to Sacramento County Line

BOS voted to approve this resolution 4 – 1 (Sweeney No)

Establish a policy
1. Adopt the map establishing the following segments:
a) Segment 1- 16 mile length from the County line through Latrobe to Mother Lode Drive as a multi-use trail including bike path and equestrian trail
b) Segment 2 – 8.5 mile length from Mother Lode Drive (mile marker 17.5) through Shingle Springs and El Dorado to Missouri Flat Road to be set aside as a joint multi-use train for all trail uses, historical railroad and an excursion train;
c) Segment 3 – Bike routes to the east existing Class 1 Bike Path, bike lanes, and bike route;
2. Direct staff to explore the feasibility, legality and or other alternatives to removing the tracks in Segment 1; and
3. Direct staff to return with a further information on  May 17th 2011

El Dorado County Board Of Supervisors

Special Meeting – Monday, March 28, 2011 9:00 a.m. 

El Dorado Trail (Sacramento/Placerville Transportation Corridor)

 Discussion for plans for the Bike/Foot/Equestrian/Train Trail

Link To Agenda and Docs

Past Discussion:

Minutes Dec 7, 11 .pdf


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