Latest Letter to EDH

Greetings fellow EDH residents!

There are currently two MAJOR Items for residents of El Dorado Hills to be vigilant about and help with:

ITEM 1: CEDHSP (the Executive Golf Course rezone and Pedregal area projects)

It has been a while since we shared an update on the CEDHSP. The last action regarding this was in June, 2022 where the EDC Planning Commission voted 5-0 AGAINST recommending CEDHSP approval. Since then, we have only seen these type of updates from our local Supervisor John Hidahl’s office:

“Nothing new on the CEDHSP project is available for public review-County Development Agreement (DA) Team is continuing to meet periodically with the Developer”

However, we know that discussions are still being had and negotiations made in the background all under radio silence to the public. We have been approached by some connected people and told that the CEDHSP is coming back onto the EDC Board of Supervisors agenda soon. We are not sure at which EDC BoS meeting it will be brought up for vote. Therefore, we are asking you  ALL to please keep a diligent eye out for it – as their schedule could change on a moment’s notice.  If you see something on the agenda, please share that information on the ParksNotParker facebook page and send an email to: 


There is a new project named  “Project Frontier ” (aka Amazon) that the County is secretly trying to approve. It is a Mega Warehouse and Distribution Center proposed to be built south of the Business Park off Latrobe Rd and Royal Oaks. Apparently, the developer, Dermody Properties, has been granted Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA) preventing  the name of the entity behind this project from being disclosed.  The NDA was signed by our EDC county counsel, David Livingstone on 10/25/2021. Even though it is not listed in the application packet, they inadvertently left an Amazon logo on some paperwork that was submitted. The proposed warehouse is nearly 5 Million square feet in size, split among 2 enormous buildings. (For reference, Terminal B of Sacramento airport is 740,000 sq feet and the Ikea in West Sacramento is a mere 265,000 sq feet!). This would be one of the largest Amazon distribution facilities in the world. 

One of the proposed buildings will be 10 stories high. Semi truck, delivery van and car

traffic is estimated at 39,000 trips per day 24/7/365. The developer applicant is

using a traffic study based on older COVID period traffic counts and does not account for

cumulative impacts. Expect gridlock in the Town Center area and long delays accessing Hwy 50 from El Dorado Hills Blvd and Latrobe Rd. The County is allowing them to circumvent the Project Design Review process that requires full environmental impact assessment, planning commission review and public hearings. They are seeking project approval via staff level approval of a conditional use permit. This CUP should be denied to allow full public input. Our county officials have essentially thrown us under the bus and agreed to bypass the usual approval stages to fast track this project, even though fully knowing it VIOLATES the current building ordinances for HEIGHT of a building, SIZE of a building based upon total property and the current ZONING of the property is for Research and Development only! The correct zoning would be ‘Industrial Heavy’ (IH). Why are they in such a hurry! It appears they may let one person decide the fate of this project within the next couple of weeks without any community input / discussion or going through the required process for any rezoning or construction approvals! This project will irreparably damage the rural nature of our

County and impacts everyone. Please refer to our website to find and review more information on this project.

Key issues that need to be considered: 

  • Zoning (residential is right across the street plus several schools; R&D does not equal Industrial), 
  • L.A. style traffic impacts (one estimate of 39,000 trips per day to the Latrobe
  • Corridor will cripple traffic, destroy town center businesses and result in gridlock on
  • White Rock, Latrobe and El Dorado Hills Blvd.)
  • Expect additional noise and air pollution
  • County residents will be required to pay for infrastructure improvements
  • Tax benefits are wildly optimistic and suspect
  • Environment (dangerous diesel particulates, impact to protected fish and wildlife, water pollution,…) 
  • Quality of life (schools, parks, senior community nearby,..) 
  • Safety (fire evacuation, emergency response times, ….)
  • The rural nature of our County will be compromised. Reckless development needs to be stopped.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are requesting you send your emails to the email addresses below and in your own respectful words, let them know that this “Warehouse project” needs to go through the proper channels starting with the EDC Planning Commission. (If six people complain, they will not even think twice about it, but if they get HUNDREDS of emails, they have to reconsider this project, and minimally go through the proper review and approval process  FIRST!)

Currently, you have to get a permit and approval from the EDC Planning Commission to build any structure over 120 sq feet. This building is 40,000 times larger  with significantly more impact on our community and  roads!

Email addresses to send your letter to:,,,,,,,,,,,,

The Fish and Wildlife commission has asked for emails about the project please send them one separately:



The ADMIN TEAM for Open Space EDH


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