Western Placerville

Funding contribution by EDC BOS at 21 minutes into video


This is the interchange project for the New Placerville Courthouse (State of California funding still pending)

The City of Placerville says these funds were approved several years ago to upgrade that area due to traffic issues, but it also imperative this intersection is improved to accommodate the new courthouse.

The City of Placerville is requesting a $2 million loan from the County of El Dorado to help fund it.  That decision is being made at the BOS meeting on 9/25/12 (agenda item 3 in consent calendar). SOC will post that information when more is known. Item was approved by the BOS.

Note– During the City Council meeting, it was mentioned that the County did not loan the $2 million, but contributed $1.2 million to the project. City Council said the terms were worked out earlier in the day.  Have to go looking for information on that with the County.

Also of interest:  Teichert Construction, because of errors on the bid,  is being relieved of the project, and Doug Veerkamp Construction is getting awarded the project.

The oak trees along Fair Lane Road will be removed for road  construction.

All this is on the agenda for tonight’s City Council Meeting.

September 25, 2012
City Council Chambers – Town Hall
549 Main Street, Placerville, CA 95667
No Closed Session Scheduled
7:00 P.M. Open Session

The complete 9 page file was too big to download here, so here are the first three pages in jpg format.  Go to the City of Placerville’s September 25, 2012 agenda and download Item 12.5 for full document. NOTE- THIS INTERNET DOC WAS REPLACED WITH AMENDED DOC AT THE MEETING.

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