Placerville Streetscape

Comments for the May 12, 2015 City Council Meeting
Re: Item #12.1: Phase 2 of the Central Main Street Rehabilitation Project (CIP 1412)

May 12, 2015

I have a serious concern regarding the possible loss of Main Street as a Historic Resource to Placerville due to Phase 2 of this project. According to SECTION 8-1003 of the California Historic Building Code (CHBC) “The relationship between a building or property and its site, or the associated features of a district (including qualified historical landscape), site, objects and their features are critical components that may be one of the criteria for these buildings and properties to be qualified under the California Historic Building Code (CHBC).” In order to not damage the historic integrity of properties and Main Street, the City should have engaged a State Historic Preservation Officer for this project. The features that have been shown at the workshops are not in line with the historic nature of Main Street. Moving forward could cause the loss for properties and site to be considered as eligible for a Historic designation which is critical when it comes to applying building codes.

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Future of Placerville Courthouse – Tuesday, January 27, 6:00pm City Council Meeting

The proposed new Courthouse on Ray Lawyer Drive has raised concerns  about downtown Placerville’s economic future.  Please read comments submitted regarding the Draft Environmental Impact Report here:

If you are concerned about the future of Placerville’s economic future, then please attend this meeting:

Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 6:00pm
City Council Chambers – Town Hall
549 Main Street, Placerville, CA 95667

View the entire agenda here:

Here is Agenda Item 12.1 regarding the Blue Ribbon Committee:

12.1 Review Proposed Guidelines for a Blue Ribbon Committee to Develop Options for Future Development of the Historic Placerville Courthouse (Mr. Morris) Recommendation by the City Manager that the City Council review the proposed guidelines for a Blue Ribbon Committee to develop options for future development of the Historic Placerville Courthouse.