Please attend City Council meeting 11/10/15: Pole Sign and Parking Spaces

Over the last few years, the Placerville City Council has required, at great expense to property owners, the removal of Pole Signs throughout Placerville. The reasoning is that Pole Signs are not compatible with a Historic District. So now why is it that City Councilwoman Wendy Thomas’ pole sign at the old Carrow’s building is being allowed to stay standing, especially within an area of town being considered for a Historic Preservation District and along a Scenic Corridor?

The City Council has approved the Streetscape Plan which will eliminate several parking spots in Downtown Placerville. Councilwoman Thomas has been a major promoter of this plan. Added to this, the proposed new agreement for Thomas’ tenant to lease parking from the City will take away many spaces from public parking. The City is constantly complaining that we need more parking, yet they seem complacent in losing these many spaces for the benefit of whom?

Councilwoman Thomas’ tenant is proposing to pay $430 a month so Thomas can  keep her pole sign on City property AND privatize 8 public parking spaces. Why is Councilwoman Thomas getting special consideration to keep the pole sign and to privatize public parking spaces?

Show up at the Placerville City Council meeting on Tuesday, November 10, after 6:30pm to speak up and ask why Wendy’s tenant is getting such a good deal on this lease.

Here is the agenda item:

DISCUSSION/ACTION ITEMS 12.1 Adopt a Resolution Approving a Lease Agreement with David’s Ale Works, Inc., a California Corporation for 3,358 Square Feet of Commercial Parking and Signage Area Adjacent to the Business Located at 209 Main Street (Mr. Morris) Resolution No. _____ Recommendation by the City Manager that the City Council adopt a Resolution approving a lease agreement with David’s Ale Works, Inc., a California Corporation for 3,358 square feet of commercial parking and signage area adjacent to the business located at 209 Main Street.

Take survey and send emails to preserve Downtown Placerville

Do you love Downtown Placerville and its unique historical atmosphere?

Please take action to help us preserve Downtown.

The Placerville City Council is looking into “rehabilitating” the streets and sidewalk features Downtown. This rehabilitation must be done carefully to prevent the loss of our historical look and feel.

Here’s what you can do:

Take the survey at
BE VERY CAREFUL!!! Your answers could have a severe impact on the historic nature of Main Street.

There are 6 alternatives shown on page 5 of the survey.  The grey-shaded areas on each alternative are where the road is raised up to the level of the sidewalk. This will cause safety and water drainage concerns because there will be no curb to prevent cars from driving onto the sidewalk. The bumpy plastic will be required along the sidewalk.  For example:

car on sidewalk

To choose the alternatives that are least impacting to Downtown, please rank the projects on question #5 as follows:

Survey page 5 suggested answers

Lastly, if you would prefer to send an email with your comments about the survey or concerns about preserving Downtown Placerville, send them to,, and

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