Another local government abuses its discretionary power = Placerville City Council

Measure K was passed by Placerville City residents on November 4, 2014. Measure K requires that any time a roundabout is proposed on a public road, the citizens will first vote on whether or not they want a roundabout in that location.

On January 27, 2015, Placerville City Manager, Cleve Morris, states that the City will move ahead with its proposed Western Interchange project, without regard for Measure K.  The Western Interchange project includes several roundabouts.

Here is a video clip and an excerpt of the text follows:

Partial script from the video: 2:26:34

“Cleve Morris (Placerville City Manager: As far as telling you what is going to happen with those (WPI) roundabouts designed as part of the Interchange, we’re moving forward with them at this point. Will we get challenged on them? We don’t know. But we are also coordinating with Caltrans in that process, and will continue to coordinate with Caltrans to make sure that they are on board. We’ve already had discussions with their legal counsel regarding that, so we will make sure that’s . . . But I can’t tell you, if you’re asking “How Measure K will affect those?” I don’t . . . by the next meeting we will not have that answer.

Carol Patton (City Council Woman): Has Caltrans made a ruling on the Measure K impacts to the Western Placerville Interchange?

Cleve Morris: They have not made a ruling; however, I believe our discussions were that they felt that if they were challenged on those roundabouts that they would become involved in and support us in that challenge.”

Help Us Stop Rampant Overdevelopment

Everyone in El Dorado County should be concerned:  The Board of Supervisors has shown a pattern of abusing their discretionary powers, leading to poorly planned development.

Please attend this meeting to learn more about what is happening in El Dorado Hills.

EDH rampant development flyer


January 3, 2015, Placerville, CA
Citizens for Sensible Development in El Dorado Hills in partnership with Save Our County has filed a petition with the El Dorado County Superior Court to reverse the decision by the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors (Board) to approve the El Dorado Hills Town Center Apartments. The petition stems from the Board’s approval of the high-density apartments against recommendations by the El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee (EDH APAC) and the Planning Commission, and public concern over the impact this project will have on the entire county…

It is our civic duty to hold our elected officials responsible for their actions.  Please join us and help fund the lawsuit to stop the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors abuse of their discretionary power.  A donation of any size is appreciated.

Read the full Press Release and Writ of Mandate here —>