Attend Dollar General Appeal Hearing – Tuesday, April 5th at 2:00pm

Please attend and show support for Main Street, Georgetown

From Georgtown Gazette, March 31, 2016, Letters to the Editor

Dollar General is a gargantuan design

To the people of the Georgetown Divide and El Dorado County, I am reaching out to you with good news, that the Dollar General project approved by our planning commissioners is not a done deal, the jury is still out.  The Georgetown Preservation Society has appealed this project directly to the Board of supervisors and consequently we have a hearing date set for Tuesday April 5th, at 2pm.

We need all the support we can get from concerned citizens who love or care about historic Georgetown.  Folks, you need to come out to this Board Meeting if we are to steer the County toward the right decision about this very important matter.  They’ve heard from some of us but not from enough of us.  There are critical issues at stake including flooding, the fate of Empire Creek and the unknown condition and extent of an underground mine. 

As concerning our cultural resources and tourism, guidelines of the General Plan that protect against the defacement of historic districts, in spite of all the commentary from the public, has been ignored by our government.. The Dollar General would be a massive structure, and if they had wanted to put it over on Highway 193 somewhere, they wouldn’t be facing this opposition.  Mr. Beam has the right to sell or develop his three parcels, but let’s keep it historical Georgetown, as all the others on Main Street have.  If we band together we can save our town.  If we don’t, this project will be the end of Georgetown as we know it.  The gargantuan design will be unlike any architecture from the California gold rush era, nor does it fit in with the Victorian structures surviving and maintained in the area until now.   As you all know they want to construct Dollar General and a great big lighted parking lot and loading dock along Main Street, between the stamp mill and the rest of the historic town, across the street from the oldest hotel.  As Jeff Worton said at a hearing, it is a spaceship landing in town.  I invite you all to join me and GPS at the April 5 hearing to shut this irreversible act of defacement down.


Meeting Location:
Board of Supervisors
Building A
330 Fair Lane, Placerville, CA


Take Action – Dollar General in Georgetown

Folks in Georgetown:

Want to stop the Dollar General project?

Dollar General Northwest elevation
View from Main Street

The most efficient way to stop this project is to ask Supervisor Ranalli to do an emergency measure to implement a Historic District overlay for Main Street, Georgetown: or 530-621-6513.

Historic Design General PoliciesHistoric Design Conforming Structures Historic Design Commercial page 1Historic Design Commercial page 2Otherwise, your only options are to hold the Planning Commission to the design standards of a Design Community overlay, or to not combine the three parcels.

The three parcels have a Design Community (DC) overlay.

Dollar General parcel Design ControlBecause the parcels are zoned commercial you can’t really fight the commercial use, but you can challenge health and safety issues, such as water, sewer, transportation, drainage, etc.  and challenge the look of the buildings based on the following DC development codes:

Sec. 130.74.020. – Purpose.

  1. For the protection, enhancement and use of places, sites, buildings and structures having special character, aesthetic interest and value;
  2. Enhancement of tourism and the economy of the County by protecting and preserving places having special and unique character and interest.

Sec. 130.74.030. – Creation of districts.

The Board of Supervisors, following consideration by the Planning Commission, may create new design review districts. When creating a new design review district, the Board of Supervisors shall find that the area proposed is:

  1. An area of special, natural beauty and aesthetic interest forming a basic resource in the economy of the County; the preservation of which would enhance the character of the County and local communities and promote tourist attractions; or
  2. Areas, places, sites, structures or uses which have special historical significance as identified by an agency representing Federal, State or local historical concerns; or
  3. Both Subsections 1 and 2 of this section.

Sec. 130.74.040. – Sierra design and community design review districts; restrictions.

  1. Any district created pursuant to Section shall be designated on zoning maps as either design Sierra (-DS) or as design community (-DC) as the case may be.
  2. All new commercial within the boundaries of a community design district shall conform in exterior styling to that style of architecture described in Subsection C of this section. Approval for compliance with design criteria shall be provided for in Section 130.74.115.

C.The architectural styling for new construction permitted in the community design districts shall be that which is exemplified and meets the intent of the community design guide which shall be adopted by the Board of Supervisors. These design guides shall provide guidelines and examples for architectural styles and site design permitted in the subject districts.

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Aerial photo of site
Photo showing the three parcels proposed for combining to create the project site
Site Plan
Footprint of the project on the three parcels


Link to County website for Dollar General project:



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