Exposing United Nations Agenda 21 – El Dorado County Board of Supervisors May 15, 2012

Unfortunately, the item was pulled from calendar with no date set to bring it back. The public was allowed to make comments on the item, even though the Board originally wanted to skip that process.

Item 20. 12-0602

Supervisor Knight recommending the Board adopt a Resolution stating
that the implementation of United Nations Agenda 21 strategies for
“sustainable development” at the federal, state and local governments
across the country will have destructive repercussions and we hereby
endorse rejection of its radical policies and rejections of any grant monies
attached to it.

Photo: Sue Taylor Speaking before the BOS

Click here to watch the entire presentation for ITEM 20 – Agenda 21. When you get to the county page, scroll down on the left side of the screen and highlight ITEM 20 and it will download to your computer.








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