SOC note: We are losing our access to public lands

Judge Karlton issued his final order on July 31, 2012.

  • The final court order prohibits or limits travel through meadows until a new environmental decision on these specific routes is made allowing public wheeled motorized travel.
  • The final court order changes the route closures from closing the entire route to just those portions of the routes that intersect with the meadows. See Table B in the final court order.
  • The final court order narrowly defines what is being reviewed. These areas are being analyzed for the effect of the routes on the hydrological function of the meadow. Does this route hinder the movement of water in the meadow? Habitat, species effect, etc. is not part of the order.
  • The Forest Service will revise its Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) to incorporate these changes.
  • Until the MVUM is finalized and available for public distribution an interim Forest Order will be issued.
  • All other portions of the 2008 Public Wheeled Motorized Travel Management Decision remain in effect.  The Travel Management decision:
    • Allows highway legal and non-highway legal motor vehicle use by the public on 1,002 miles of ML-2 native surfaced roads (this total includes the addition of 17 miles of unauthorized roads to the NFTS).
    • Allows motorcycle, ATV, and high clearance vehicle use on 210 miles of trails
      (this total includes the addition of 6 miles of unauthorized trails to the NFTS).
    • In addition, there are 635 miles of surfaced roads suitable for passenger cars that are not a part of this decision.
    • Source: http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/eldorado/home/?cid=STELPRDB5362046

MOUNTAIN DEMOCRAT ARTICLE http://www.mtdemocrat.com/news/judge-issues-order-governing-eldorado-national-forest-access/

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