Proposed Whispering Pines Cemetery in Pollock Pines

Pre-Application Packet:  Click Here

Location of the 120-acre project. Map from the pre-application packet:

About the Whispering Pines Project:
Whispering Pines, a Natural Passages Conservation Site, is proposed for 120+/- acres in the Pollock Pines area. The Whispering Pines site is strategically located in close proximity to other conservation lands, and is intended to protect, in perpetuity, such property as an open space corridor with a localized trail system providing access to visitors.

Special Use Permit application:  Click Here
Potential Impacts of the Project:
  • Funeral processions traveling on rural, residential roads, especially on weekends and on hazardous, snow-packed roads
  • Trail users driving on under-sized, rural, residential roads
  • Loss of community identity by bringing commercial uses into a residential neighborhood
  • Variance to El Dorado County Health and Safety Codes
  • LLC (Limited Liability Company) not required to get a Certificate of Authority from the California Department of Consumer Affairs, which may exempt Wildlands from state cemetery law
Wildlands Inc.:  Profile of a Company and an Industry

The idea for Wildlands Inc. — the first for-profit mitigation banking company west of the Mississippi — was hatched by two businessmen in a duck blind. That mix of money and nature, land use and land preservation, practical business and idealistic ecology, has defined and driven the company ever since. Today, Wildlands Inc. is one of the largest mitigation banking companies in the country. The Ecosystem Marketplacetakes a look at the company and how its life history traces the development of the broader mitigation banking industry in the US.

For the complete company profile:  Click Here

A search of the Secretary of State website found several entries related to this company:




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