Courthouse Case Being Heard April 12, 2016 in San Francisco

The lawsuit brought by the Placerville Historic Preservation League to stop our county’s historic courthouse from being closed will be heard on Tuesday, April 12th at 1:30pm in Department 503 by Superior Court Judge Garret Wong in San Francisco at the Civic Center Courthouse, 400 Mc Allister Street. [Directions], Placerville Historic Preservation League vs. Judicial Council of California et. al., [CPF-15-514387].   The hearing is open and you are welcome to attend.  If you would like to carpool down there for the day long trip, contact

Filed last July against El Dorado County and the Judicial Council pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act – the suit argues that the government failed to identify, analyze, and mitigate the blight that would be created by closing the Main Street courthouse and build a $90 million judicial center on what is known as the Briggs property near the county jail on Forni Road.  An economic impact report financed by the county found that closing the courthouse would cause a loss of business ranging from 15 to 75 percent within an 10th of a mile of the courthouse and a request was made to distribute the report to Placerville Downtown Association (PDA) members. Here’s a link for that report  The surpassed report was presented at a city council meeting while a number of misrepresentations by city council members were outlined.

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