DIXON RANCH – Planning Commission, Dec 10th, 8:30am, 2850 Fairlane Ct, Bldg C – PLEASE COME!

From the Green Valley Alliance:

Please attend this very important Planning Commission hearing on the proposed Dixon Ranch development:

Thursday, Dec 10th, 8:30am, 2850 Fairlane Ct. Bldg ‘C’ Planning Commission hearing room, Placerville

Dixon Ranch is a General Plan amendment, converting 280 acres of low density oak-studded land into a 605-unit high-density housing development. Located behind the strawberry stand on Green Valley Rd, about 44% of the oaks will be replaced with tightly clustered housing. The completed EIR (Environmental Impact Report) goes to Planning Commission for a vote next week (12/10).  This is a sampling of the less-than-reasonable points being made in the EIR:

  1. Traffic on Green Valley Rd will be better after adding these 605 homes 
  2. There is no visual impact resulting from the conversion of this open hillside into high density housing.
  3. There is not enough water for projects that have already been approved, but since water is allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis this project approval is deemed ok. Options listed in the EIR to close any shortfall include building a dam.
  4. The controversial opening of Lima Wy for thru traffic to the project remains optional.
  5. The County continues to deny Caltrans traffic data to avoid the Measure Y limitations protecting us from unacceptable traffic conditions.

The developer is not entitled to proceed with this project – it is a General Plan amendment, and a choice our elected officials will be making.  If you oppose amending the General Plan in order to accommodate this project, you need to attend this hearing. Why?

  • When Planning Commissioners were introduced to the proposed Dixon Ranch project back in February, they concluded it was “a nicely designed project”;  
  • The County’s planning staff is advocating for an approval in spite of continued resident protest; and 
  • The District 1 Planning Commissioner cannot stand up for constituents on this (according to the FPPC-Fair Political Practices Commission- he must recuse himself due to the likelihood of the Lima Way EVA in his neighborhood being opened to thru traffic in order to relieve Green Valley Rd). 

If you support this increase in density and traffic, you’re fine; you can stay home. But if not, you’d better be there to ask Commissioners to please retain the existing low-density land use. Send written comments (contact info below), tell a friend, attend the meeting and bring company, to help object to what is being done to the quiet rural character of our area.

Ellen Van Dyke for GVA


Submit written/email comments to:

Planner: Lillian MacLeod:  lillian.macleod@edcgov.us

Commissioners (Dist 1 is recused) :  Dist 2, Gary Miller:  gary.miller@edcgov.us; Dist 3, Tom Heflin: tom.heflin@edcgov.us; Dist 4, Dave Pratt: dave.pratt@edcgov.us; Dist 5, Brian Shinault: brian.shinault@edcgov.us; Clerk of the Commission: charlene.tim@edcgov.us 

Supervisors (Dist 1 is recused): Shiva Frentzen, bostwo@edcgov.us; Brian Veerkamp, bosthree@edcgov.us; Michael Ranalli, bosfour@edcgov.us; Sue Novacel, bosfive@edcgov.us; Board clerk Jim Mitrisin, edc.cob@edcgov.us

(Notice District 1 is distinctly lacking in representation for this project….)

Link to 12/10 meeting docs, including the EIR’s Final Response to Comments, and other public comments:


link to access Draft EIR & Appendices (posted back in Feb for comments):


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