EID Employee Benefits Increasing at 10-13-15 Meeting

In both the U.S and in California, average employee portion of family health premium is proximately 30 percent:



EID employee portion of their health premium costs…15 percent for family coverage and 0 percent for employee only coverage… currently is substantially lower than U.S. and California averages

EID employee and retiree health benefits cost EID ratepayers $4.5 million annually; Ratepayer rates are $600,000/1.2 percent higher than they otherwise would be due to past boards granting of substantially more generous than average employee health coverage benefits.

Consent Item 4 on the EID Board Agenda for Tuesday, October 13, 2015 is asking the current EID Board to reaffirm continuation of substantially more generous employee health coverage benefits:


Note: EID employee benefits average more than $50,000 per employee annually with 80 percent attributable to ratepayer-paid employee pension and medical benefits. Fast-escalating debt service and employee benefit costs account for virtually all of EID Management’s proposed rate hikes for 2016-2019.

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