FWD: County votes to proceed with Meyers Plan #4 despite extensive public comments

This is happening all over the County.  We need to speak up now!

From our friends in Meyers:

Hello Meyers Community,
Thank you to all of those who sent in letters and/or attended today’s Board of Supervisors meeting. Unfortunately, the Board voted to proceed with the environmental review on the draft Meyers Area Plan version #4, which includes changes that are contrary to most of the general community feedback to date (as well as promises made by County representatives last year), including but not limited to:
  • Maximum height at 42 feet – community feedback has mostly favored no more than 35 feet
  • Maximum densities of 30 units/acre – most community feedback supported 10-15 units/acre
  • Allowing hotels throughout the entire Meyers “core” – community feedback limits hotels to the north end (as the 1993 Plan allows) or limits to smaller bed & breakfast facilities at 10 units/acre
  • An Advisory Council that is selected by the Board of Supervisors – while the community has clearly stated it wants more local say
  • A “Community Incentive Program” and other changes which favor large developments – while the community favors supporting existing and new small, local businesses
Most of the public comments today (and written comments submitted in advance) requested the Board wait and ensure a true, community process. The public recognized that once a new plan moves into the environmental review phase, it is unlikely to change much. Here is the breakdown of the 17 public comments at today’s meeting:
  • 10 community members discussed the problem with the public process to date and requested the Board not proceed and instead, listen to the residents
  • 3 speakers associated with the NV-based Tahoe Chamber encouraged the Board to push forward the new Area Plan (#4)
  • 1 TRPA representative requested the Board pursue the new Area Plan (#4)
  • 1 community member involved in the 1993 Plan requested the environmental review process move forward, but that the community needs to be involved
  • 2 other community members supported moving the plan forward
Of the 4 Board Supervisors voting (remember: Sue Novasel can’t), 3 voted ‘yes’ (to push the new Plan forward). Supervisor Frentzen, the only ‘no’ vote, questioned the use of County resources to pursue the new Area Plan given there is no information to show what the economic impacts (good or bad) are from the proposed Area Plan. During this discussion, County staff said they ‘were not sure’ if the Plan will bring investments the community wants to see (such as tearing down the Tveton lot), and also responded that the County “isn’t in the development business” and that the “environmental analysis will look at the impacts.” Supervisor Frentzen also asked what the impacts would be from allowing new hotels next to residential areas throughout the entire Meyers core. County staff also ‘did not know’ and again deferred to the environmental review.
On a final note, Supervisor Ranalli said: “[he] appreciates the public’s recognition that it’s the Board’s charge to make the decision today, even if [the Board members] don’t live here.
We encourage you to continue to write to the Board of Supervisors, as well as express your concerns to the local media and other outlets.
Thank you.


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