37,000 parcels rezoned without public input in El Dorado County

The Planning Commission heard staff testimony and public comment on Thursday, August 27, regarding the Targeted General Plan Amendment and Zoning Ordinance Update (TGPA/ZOU) and will continue on Wednesday, September 2, at 8:30am.

One thing that became very clear during the hearing is that the County DID NOT make any effort to notify the public about proposed zoning changes to parcels. The small print of the Public Notices in the newspaper and the County’s email notices did not make it clear that it is up to you to research whether or not your parcel or adjacent parcels are proposed to change.

Here is an example: At the hearing, parcels were identified that are proposed to be rezoned to Commercial Regional ( a new zone being created), which is a high-intensity retail commercial zone. However, the parcels are currently zoned Commercial, which is a very broad category that includes light commercial to heavy commercial. If the new zoning is applied, then the parcels will not be considered for light commercial, despite the fact that light commercial is more compatible with the nearby residential properties. Staff acknowledged that property owners did not have input into the decision, nor were the adjacent property owners notified. Staff determined the criteria and proposed changes without property owner input. And the list of 37,000 proposed parcel changes could be full of incompatible rezones.

You can look up the information regarding your parcel here, using either your parcel number or street address: http://gem.edcgov.us/zoning_luppu/ It would also be good for you to click around the map to see if any parcels adjacent to your property are proposed for rezoning.

If you have questions regarding what they are doing with your parcel or nearby parcels, call Shawna L. Purvines, Principal Planner, County of El Dorado, (530) 621-5362 or email at shawna.purvines@edcgov.us
Please attend the meeting. Just tell the Planning Commissioners to vote for NO PROJECT. They have no right to massively amend the voter-approved General Plan or change our historic zoning rights.
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