Corrected link: Make comment to support restoration of El Dorado County forest – 6/22/15 deadline

Fellow Citizens-

In order to preserve our forest for all uses in the future, please write a comment to the United States Forest Service (USFS) to support Alternative 4 of the King Fire Restoration project.  It is the best option offered to restore our forest.

CORRECTED LINK:  Click here for detailed information on the project.

According to the USFS, Alternative 4 “increases treatments in strategic locations to establish and maintain a reduced fuel profile for future fire suppression, change fire behavior and improve management of natural and prescribed fires.”

Click here to see the letter written by the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors to support Alternative 4 of the King Fire Restoration project.

In addition to Alternative 4, the USFS should be diligent in treating the areas around all of our watershed areas that were damaged, to protect our river and streams from contamination.

Please write to the United States Forest Service  to support Alternative 4.

SAMPLE EMAIL    [please customize it to reflect your concerns]:


Subject: King Fire Restoration #45952 Support of Alternative Four

Dear Ms. Ferrell,

Please include this email comment in the King Fire Restoration project #45952.

Given the significant importance the forest has to the custom, culture, and economic stability of El Dorado County, we ask that the Federal government choose the strongest alternative possible, in this case Alternative 4, to restore our forest and watershed back to health.

We also ask that you take every action possible to restore all of our damaged watershed to prevent future contamination.

Thank you,

[Your name]
[Your town or address]

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