Future of EDH Golf Course – 6/18/15 EDH CSD Meeting

The EDH Community Services District (CSD) will be discussing whether to place an advisory vote measure on this year’s ballot.  The measure will ask voters if the CSD should investigate acquiring all or part of the EDH executive golf course property for use as a community park.  The measure will also ask voters if the property should be rezoned from current open space to high-density residential housing.  (The advisory vote does not require gathering signatures nor does it approve or deny the project.  It simply acknowledges-in a very public way-the community’s opinion on this very important matter).

This measure is significant because there will likely not be an opposing measure on the ballot. If the vote is strongly in favor of parks over high-density development, the Board of Supervisors may think twice about their support for rezoning the property to high density development.  Politically, the Board’s main focus is not so much on money as on getting reelected.   If the EDH voters overwhelmingly support parks, they will not look kindly on a board of supervisors that do not see things their way.  The advisory vote is very much worth a try!!

Please attend the CSD meeting this Thursday at 5 PM at 1021 Harvard Way (location is a little iffy for now).  Let your neighbors know of the meeting and get them to attend!  CSD needs to hear and see that the EDH community is behind this.
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