Save Bucks Bar Bridge

We petition the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors to preserve the aesthetics and integrity of Bucks Bar Bridge for the enjoyment of local residents, visitors and generations to come.

Sign here:

What people are saying:

My property is about 100 yards from the bridge and I love the beauty and historical value of it. I also don’t want to river below disturbed below and trees ripped out to up grade the bridge. I bought my home because I loved that I had a creek that ran into the river.

I’m signing because I believe in holding onto our history. If the bridge was failing it would be debateable but it is NOT!

I love this bridge and see no reason to replace it.

It’s a historical pretty bridge that causes no problems.

I’m signing because I have been over that bridge many times and believe it’s part of history and needs to remain as is.

This Board of Supervisors need to stop supporting the destruction of our historical resources. Just because the Feds are doling out the money doesn’t mean we have to spend it, especially on projects we don’t want.

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