Thank you! General Plan Update – Sample email attached

Fellow El Dorado County Residents:

Thank you to everyone that made it to our April, 29 meeting regarding the General Plan Update. We appreciate you taking time to learn more about the Update and how it will impact the quality of life within our entire county. If you were not able to make it to the meeting or would like to share the information with friends and family, here is a link to a recording of the meeting:

Based on the meeting presentation and the public’s responses, it has become quite clear that the County has not done its job to inform its citizens of what is really contained in the Update. Aside from the fact that the County is facing a nearly $20,000,000 deficit, to continue with this update, which is aimed at urbanizing our County, is irresponsible. Once this “update” is implemented our only option to prevent the County from removing the protective policies from our General Plan is to engage in expensive litigation with the County, as Director of Community Development Services Agency Steve Pedretti indicated at the April 14, 2015 Board of Supervisors meeting.  You can view Mr. Pedretti’s testimony here:

Please help spread the word. Here are some things you can do:

  1. Use the sample email below to contact our Board of Supervisors
  2. Forward our emails to friends and neighbors
  3. Send us an email at  if you would like us to give the presentation to a group or organization
  4. Make a donation to our legal fund through toward the Town Center Apartments lawsuit, or so we can be prepared to ‘move’ if the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance Updates are approved
  5. Send us an email at to volunteer to help us:
    *  We need fresh faces to attend meetings with us
    *  We need a few people to team up and lead our fundraising efforts
    *  If you have a special skill to share, please contact us at

Join us and take action to stop the gutting of our voter-approved General Plan.

Thank you!
SAMPLE EMAIL  [please customize it to reflect your concerns]:

To: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>,

Subject: Comment on General Plan Update, File #11-0356

Dear Board of Supervisors,

The County has not clearly conveyed the extent of the negative impacts that the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance Updates will have on our quality of life in El Dorado County. I request that you do NOT expend any more Taxpayer dollars on funding this Update. It will only lead to expensive litigation for the County, as Steve Pedretti described to you on April 14. Instead, please only move forward with the few, if any, updates that are required by law, and discard the remaining growth inducing updates. Our protective policies should not be gutted from the voter-approved General Plan.

Thank you,

[Your name]
[Your town or address]

Phone calls are a good way to follow up on your email.
Here is contact info for Board of Supervisors:

1. Ron Mikulaco, Supervisor District I, (530) 621-5650,
2. Shiva Frentzen, Supervisor District II, (530) 621-5651,
3. Brian Veerkamp, Supervisor District III, (530) 621-5652,
4. Michael Ranalli, Supervisor District IV, (530) 621-6513,
5. Sue Novasel, Supervisor District V, (530) 621-6577,
Board of Supervisors’ Agenda Item Comments, Clerk of the Board:

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