3/3/15 Board Meeting – New Vision Statement on agenda for El Dorado County

3/3/15 Board of Supervisors, Agenda item #10, File # 14-1322

I object to the change in the current Vision Statement being proposed.  According to our current General Plan it states that “The County has a tradition of appreciating and conserving these resources, using them wisely, and upholding a strong ethic of stewardship of these assets.”  “These” resources in the General Plan refers to timber harvesting, grazing, mining, tourism, recreation, the production of clean water within a healthy forest environment and the County’s spectacular beauty.

It is our County’s mantel to support, wisely manage and preserve our natural resources in order to sustain the County’s Culture, Customs and Economic Stability.  Not to collaborate and negotiate the loss of our resources with those that do not have the best interests of our County.  It has been very sad to watch this transition of our last and current Board, but even harder to actually see it put on paper.

Apparently the Board has collectively decided to no longer be the “leader in supporting” our safe, healthy, and vibrant communities, or “wisely manage” our natural resources or does our Board wish to take the role to “preserve”local heritage.

Is removing these action words from the County’s vision statement, “support, wisely manage and preserve” and replace with “respect” really necessary?  I fear that the next action will to be to replace “respect” with “sale off for the highest and best use”.

I am frustrated that I have been put in the position to make these strong statements, it should be the Board’s job, not mine.

Sue Taylor
El Dorado County Resident

Current Vision Statement:
El Dorado County will remain the leader in supporting our safe, healthy, and vibrant communities, wisely managing our natural resources, and preserving our local heritage.
New Vision Statement:
Safe, healthy and vibrant communities, respecting our natural resources, and historical heritage.
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