TWO WEEKS LEFT! for Dixon Ranch DEIR comments

From The Green Valley Alliance:

Hello GVA friends and supporters-

If you think you cannot have an impact on the County’s processes, you are wrong. Need affirmation?  Voices from the Green Valley Alliance have helped with these and more:

The Winn project: stopped;  Wilson Estates: zoning upheld to 28 units; Springs Equestrian: improved safety egress; Bass Lake PFFP revision: stopped;  Community Region boundary changes:  Board resolution is in the works;  Green Valley Traffic Study: completed.

Dixon Ranch is active now, and you need to be too.

Many of you are on this list because of our push for a traffic study on the Green Valley corridor.  The Board of Supervisors authorized $150K to make that study happen, and it was completed in November 2014.  Corridor users and Hwy50 commuters need to know that the Dixon Ranch draft EIR disregards both the study and General Plan traffic policies, and that is NOT okay.  Green Valley CorridorRemember this map of the direct access driveways? (below)  Dixon Ranch adds almost 5,000 car trips at the project access point on Green Valley Rd to the 4600 that currently exist, without flairs, shoulders, or safety improvements at these driveways.  If the project is approved at this density without addressing the driveways, it could result in a collective ‘gasp’ from County staff and the need to open additional project access on the west (Lima Wy through Highland View and Sterlingshire) or east (Marden Dr through Green Springs Ranch) or both.  Again, this is NOT okay.

You are impacted by the traffic from this project if you use Green Valley Rd, or if you pass through its intersections at Silva, EDH Blvd or Francisco, or if you drive Bass Lake Rd, or if you live in the adjacent neighborhoods or along the corridor, or if you commute Hwy50.  Let your Supervisors know it matters. Draft EIR Deadline for public comment: Feb 9, 2015.

Contact Info:

Lillian McLeod, Principal Planner –
Supervisor Shiva Frentzen –
Supervisor Brian Veerkamp –
Supervisor Michael Ranalli –
Supervisor Sue Novasel –
Jim Mitrisiin, Clerk of the Board –

Planning Commissioners:,

Note: Supervisor Mikulaco is required to recuse himself from any votes/discussion of this project because of his ownership of adjacent property.

The Town Center apartments approval has inspired a Community Meeting to spread information on the projects impacting EDH. You are invited:  February 4th, 6:30 at the 1050 Wilson Way fire station in EDH.  More info on this meeting is available at and at the fledgling website for ‘Citizens For Sensible Development in EDH‘.

Ellen Van Dyke for GVA

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