UPDATE Regarding temporary closures of roads in the Crystal Basin area. The agenda item did not reference that this resolution was the result of a lawsuit.  SOC asked the BOS to restrict the closure of Ice House and Wentworth Springs to the ‘lawsuit area,’ or where the paved portion of the roads stop and the dirt starts.  For Wentworth Springs Road, that would be at the Wentworth Springs campground.  For Ice House Road that would be Loon Lake.  The BOS ended up revising the resolution to say something like, ‘ …close the roads in the vicinity of the Rubicon Road/Trail where Ice House and Wentworth Springs Roads transition from pavement to dirt.’  They did not have the resolution up on the screen, so it was not clear what the exact wording was in the final resolution.
The Resolution below is the original version.  We will post the final draft when it is available.

icehouse res

Final draft added this: A motion was made by Supervisor Veerkamp, seconded by Supervisor Nutting, to adopt Resolution 015-2013 with additional wording added to said resolution in the last paragraph as follows: “Now, therefore, be it resolved…..Ice House Road and Wentworth Springs Road within the vicinity of the Rubicon Trail when conditions exist that warrant such closure to comply with the Clean-up and Abatement Order R5-2009-0030 as issued by the State of California Water Quality Control Board Central Valley Region and to be in conformance with the easement granted by the United States Forest Service for the Rubicon Trail (Doc. No. 08/14/2012, 20120040283). The necessity ….. or expected weather conditions. The Director of Transportation will provide a road condition report describing any closure activity under this Resolution to the Board of Supervisors within 1-year of initial adoption.” (Refer to Attachment B – (Revised) Resolution)
Yes: 5 – Briggs, Santiago, Mikulaco, Veerkamp and Nutting

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