Been following the Sandy relief money vote. While the affected residents wait out the vote for aid, I can’t help but think how many of those folks are regretting, ‘Not Having a Plan.”

Bottom line is it’s better to be safe than sorry.  People need to be prepared for disaster.   There are lots of sites out there to help you learn about PREPAREDNESS.  A few conventional government sites are FEMA, CALEMA, and CERT.  Then there’s a deluge of  private businesses and bloggers out generously sharing information.

One such blogging site is Survival 5 x 5 – Five Dimensions of Survival Preparations.   The site administrator is anonymous, and goes by the username, suburbprep.  Don’t worry about the anonymous part.  Lots of folks would rather not let the world know about the details of their personal preparedness plan.

What’s nice about 5×5 is its straight forward way of relaying information.  And there is a ton of it on the site.  Name your disaster, and it’s on 5×5.  There’s even a fictional story about two families, one prepared, one not, surviving a new great depression.  If you think it’s all beyond happening, then start reading up on Greece.  For a quick update, check out this BBC slideshow  timeline of their 2012 meltdown.   And it’s not just Greece,  the entire EU seems to be  melting down one country at a time.

Final thought: It doesn’t take much to disrupt the status quo.  Most of us are not used to life without modern amenities and 24/7 discomfort.  A week without power in 30 degree weather, and no way to heat the house is enough to weaken you.  Same thing for a week of high temps.  No power, no AC. A string of 105 degree days will get your attention.   If you’ve got the cash to go check into a hotel and eat out where there’s power and wait it out, then you’ll do fine.   If not, then start thinking about your preparedness plan.

This CNN video with a Sandy family offers some insight about the government coming to your rescue.

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