Help Save Drakes Bay Oyster Farm By Reversing The Decision Of The Interior Department

We need to let our government know that RURAL COMMERCE is a NATIONAL TREASURE.

The 70-year-old Drakes Bay Oyster Farm, which predates the Point Reyes National Seashore, is part of the historical working landscape of the area — and every bit as in need of protection as the bay. Are not the national parks for preserving the historic human imprint on the land, too? At the heart of this controversy is the Federal Government setting precedent in favor of wilderness over small business commerce.

From the National Review Online:

The Interior Department’s decision not only kills the farm but also financially ruins the Lunny family. The farm is home to an inventory of baby oysters worth nearly $5 million, all too young to be harvested and sold. Furthermore, with their business shuttered, the Lunnys will have no way to repay the loan they took out to improve the farmland, so they’ll probably also lose the cattle ranch they used as collateral. “This is not a store where we can have a fire sale, sell everything off the shelves, and go away,” Lunny says. “The Park Service is asking us to kill all these oysters, destroy all this food, get out before they can even be harvested. There’s no way for us to recover our investment.”

Please help to reverse the decision to close Drakes Bay Oyster Farm. Sign the White House petition. Share the cause.

Drakes Bay Oyster Farm is hoping for 25K signatures, but we need to bring in millions. Send a message to the Feds that enough is enough. If they can shut down Drakes Bay, then who’s next? IT’S TIME RURAL AMERICA STANDS UP AND FIGHTS BACK!

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