Next Wednesday the County invited business people in the County to attend a meeting to discuss economic development within the County.  My observations of the past 12 -30 years is that the County has focused on building infrastructure and easing the permit process for an elite clientele that will bring in more corporate box stores and high density housing into the region.  (The theory is that there will be more tax dollars for government).  My opinion is that the cost of funding the water and road infrastructures for this has been enormous.  Putting that cost on small businesses and existing residents have taken a toll on our local economy. 

I was invited because I am a building designer.  For me, and my business, this strategy of subsidies for the big guy while squeezing out the little guy due to overbuilding, unfair share of cost to single family home owners has pretty much all but eliminated my doing business in El Dorado County along with all of the independent contractors, plumbers, electricians, engineers, etc. that were connected with me within that industry.

 At this point I’m not sure how you fix that.  I now do work in other areas where parcels were made for the independent builder / home owner.  What my husband and I would like to do for Placerville is get the Hangman / Herrick Buildings restored and create an incubator for local, creative, independent businesses.  Where hopefully the government will not over regulate them.   

On that note I was hoping to get buy in from those that get my blasts for what they feel are some answers to the following questions that County will be asking us:

This is from the County:

In an effort to structure the future of economic development in El Dorado County, we have scheduled a meeting

Topics of discussion include:

What is Economic Development?

Where are we going?

What can the County do to assist business?

Economic Development is a matter of vital importance to everyone in the County and the success of the future stragegy will depend largely on input from you.   Please bring your ideas and concerns and join us at the meeting.

So let me know what your business is, do you think El Dorado County is going in the right direction (Big Roads, promoting for more Box Stores and Hotels)?, and if you do business in the County what do you think the county’s role should / can be in helping you?


Sue Taylor

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